CSI Projects

CSI has over the years have worked on many projects for our clients all while saving them time and money all while using Environmentally friendly methods and techniques unique to us.


RICE Energy

CSI technology, using 3-dimensionaly woven geotextile tubes and advanced polymers, was used to treat rad waste contained in a fracking waste water lagoon and reduce waste volume requiring disposal.  Total solids dredged from the lagoon were dewatered and thereby increased from 8% to 65% allowing the energy company to eliminate the need for using a bulking agent to solidify the waste.  This reduction in volume of solids requiring disposal resulted in saving the energy company several hundred thousand dollars in waste disposal costs. In addition, CSI’s effluent water from the dewatering process using geotextile tubes was clean enough for reuse in the fracking process resulting in further cost savings.


Kane & Lombard

CSI designed, constructed, and operates a treatment plant for remediation of contaminated ground water at an EPA superfund site in Maryland.  The treatment plant is designed to remove metals including iron and zinc and remediate several VOC compounds including dichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene, and trichloroethylene from contaminated ground water.  Remediation of ground water is accomplished using a combination of CSI technologies and ozonation.        


mississippi phosphate

A superfund project in Pascagoula, Mississippi where CSI piloted a demonstration to show that our custom Polymers and 3-dimensional woven Geotubes could help facilitate the cleaning and closure of Waste Water ponds at the closed fertilizer plant.