Environmental Consulting & Engineering

With over three decades of experience, CSI Environmental is able to efficiently identify the source of your environmental challenge; develop a strategy for a cost-effective solution; and provide you with the detailed project assessment you need to make solid business decisions.

Our clients count on us to manage projects of all sizes and complexities. From remediation services to bringing sites into compliance and ready for reuse, CSI Environmental’s understands the big picture.

We have performed a comprehensive array of projects regulated by federal and state programs, that range in complexity from site assessments through remedial actions at federal Superfund sites. At CSI, we have extensive experience with voluntary remediation and Brownfield initiatives. By integrating talented personnel across our operating groups, we have completed Brownfield redevelopment projects from the design through the build phase. CSI successfully completed the first cleanup and redevelopment of a state Superfund site in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Southeast Region through the Brownfield program.

We work with you to overcome complex scientific obstacles and guide you through complicated governmental policies so that you can achieve your objectives. Our success is a testament to the longevity of our client relationships, and our ability to provide innovative and integrated services for every type of environmental challenge. 

Site Investigation



Our Site Investigation Services Include:

  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

  • Groundwater Monitoring

  • Work Plan Design and Implementation

  • Remedial Investigations

  • Brownsfield Cleanup and Site Reuse

  • Environmental Compliance Support

  • Risk Assessment

  • Groundwater Modeling/Characterization

  • Wetland Delineation

  • UST Services

  • SPCC Planning and Implementation

  • LSRP Services (New Jersey)


Our Remediation Services Include:

  • Feasibility Studies/Remedial Design

  • Field Engineering/Construction

  • Remedial System Installation and Operation

  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management/Mitigation

  • Site Closure and Post Closure Care

  • Bioremediation and Mechanical Remediation Expertise

    • AS/SVE

    • Soil Excavation/T&D

    • MNA

    • In-situ Biostimulation

    • GW Pump & Treat

    • Capping/Engineered Remedies

    • Phytoremediation