Dredging, Dewatering, & Waste Water Treatment

CSI Environmental’s innovative and comprehensive dredging and dewatering services including 3D-Geotextile and Advanced Polymer Systems (3D-GAPS)–the most cost effective system for dewatering contaminated solids and reduce volume requiring disposal. 3D-GAPS can be scaled to work on small projects to massive dewatering programs.Using CSI’s 3D-GAPS system, we successfully completed the largest Geotextile tube project in the United States at a treatment facility in Jackson Mississippi under a US EPA Consent Order. 

CSI Environmental, LLC is uniquely qualified to successfully treat both hazardous and non-hazardous waste water and solids.  CSI has developed and patented low energy, low carbon foot-print, cost effective technologies for remediating liquid and solid waste streams.  Whether it is removing contaminants from ground water or industrial waste water or reducing the volume of contaminated sludge requiring disposal, CSI staff has over 30 years of experience in the successful development, manufacture, and deployment of advanced waste water technologies and polymer systems. CSI geotextile fabrics are patented, 3-dimensionall woven materials that allow greater rates of water release and greater retention of solids than any other geotextile tube products on the market.  CSI has developed and manufactures its own cationic and anionic polymers that are formulated for each specific CSI remediation project.

To date, CSI staff has installed and successfully operated over 1,200 sludge dewatering systems using geotextiles and advanced polymer systems.  In addition, CSI has installed and continues to operate several water treatment systems including treatment of contaminated ground water at three EPA superfund sites in the northeastern US.  A 2017 International Achievement Award was won by CSI for the performance of these advanced technologies.

CSI's innovative dewatering technology has been successfully applied in treating Oil & Gas fluids; Acid Mine Drainage; CERCLA contaminated sediments; Industrial applications and lagoon closures: Food and Paper Pulp Industries; Biosolids Management and Fly-Ash Lagoon Closure, as well as dredged materials.  For more detailed evaluation of potential cost savings that can be achieved through CSIE's unique and proprietary 3D-Gaps applications contact us for more information.  Our team of experts will conduct free initial bench testing on a project by project basis.