Dredging, Dewatering, & 3-D Gap

CSI Environmental’s innovative and comprehensive dredging and dewatering services including 3D-Geotextile and Advanced Polymer Systems (3D-GAPS)–the most cost effective system for separating contaminated solids to produce clear effluent. 3D-GAPS can be scaled to work on small projects to massive dewatering programs.

Using CSIE’s 3D-GAPS system, we successfully completed the largest Geotextile tube project in the United States at a treatment facility in Jackson Mississippi under a US EPA Consent Order.  We also own a comprehensive fleet of construction equipment and our staff includes engineers and trained equipment operators.  

CSIE's innovative dewatering technology has been successfully applied in treating Oil & Gas fluids; Acid Mine Drainage; CERCLA contaminated sediments; Industrial applications and lagoon closures: Food and Paper Pulp Industries; Biosolids Management and Fly-Ash Lagoon Closure, as well as dredged materials.  For more detailed evaluation of potential cost savings that can be achieved through CSIE's unique and proprietary 3D-Gaps applications contact us for more information.  Our team of experts will conduct free initial bench testing on a project by project basis.