CSI owns and maintains an extensive fleet of construction equipment and an experienced staff of supervisors, foremen, construction managers, equipment operators, and technicians. We perform a wide variety of construction-related projects in support of environmental projects (e.g., remedial construction work at Superfund sites, landfill installation and closure, storage tank installation and decommissioning, etc .) and land development projects (e.g., site development, utility installation, etc.).  We provide transitions from impaired sites to productive development.  From site remediation to earthwork for new development, CSI has performed a variety of projects in diverse environmental settings.

 CSI was responsible for remedial project management and construction at an operating refinery that entailed coordinating over 650 craft workers, 20 hours per day, 6 days per week.  CSI’s primary responsibilities included:

¨      Management of on-site personnel who oversee plant operations;

¨      Health and Safety management;

¨      QA/QC; and, resolution of construction problems.


            Other duties included construction of portions of the project and coordinating the remediation subcontractor whose staff was directly accountable for the completion of remediation activities.  In this role, CSI provided:

¨      Oversight and review of remedial designs;

¨      Traffic control;

¨      Sheet piling installation;

¨      Railroad modifications;

¨      Water management; and

¨      Environmental chemical QA/QC to minimize potential cross-contamination.


            CSI also provided management of mechanical designs critical to the operation of the refinery including system piping, pumps, and structural supports.  Other project responsibilities included oversight for the installation of 41 groundwater recovery wells and supervision of remedial systems installation, operation, and maintenance.

Our Construction Services Include:

·       Site Permitting and Planning

·       Site Preparation, Grubbing, E&S Controls

·       Civil Engineering & Site Construction

·       Site Utilities Installation

·       Tank Installation, Removal, Cleaning Services

·       Lagoon and Impoundment Reclamation

·       Final Site Grading, Paving, Curb and Gutters

·       Remedial System Build-out